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How the RCOG supports and works with trainees

This page provides information about how the RCOG supports and works with O&G trainees.

Trainees’ Register and trainee benefits

Once you’ve been appointed to the specialty training programme in O&G, you’ll be required to subscribe to the Trainees’ Register. The subscription fee includes a range of benefits designed to support you throughout your training, including:

Find out more about the Trainees’ Register benefits.

Trainees’ Committee

The RCOG Trainees’ Committee encourages two-way communication between the College and trainees. The Committee is made up of trainee representatives from each deanery in the UK and Ireland.

If you subscribe to the Trainees’ Register (see above), you’ll be automatically kept informed of the Committee’s activities. You’ll be able to vote for your deanery representative, and should be kept informed about meetings at a local level by your Deanery Committee.

The Trainees’ Committee organises an annual conference for trainees, supported by the RCOG. The conference is held in different cities around the UK and provides a great opportunity to meet your colleagues, attend debates with RCOG Officers, listen to up-to-date lectures and participate in workshops.

Trainees from outside the UK

International trainees may wish to enter the UK training system for O&G for a variety of reasons. Some wish to gain experience of the specialty within the UK to improve their chances of passing the MRCOG exam, which is based on UK practice. Some trainees will stay in the UK for a limited amount of time, then return home and use the skills they’ve learned locally. Others will wish to stay and complete their training in the UK.

The RCOG supports young obstetricians and gyanecologists who want to come to the UK for part of their training via the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme. The College also provides advice for non-UK doctors who want to work in the UK.

Non-UK trainees with some experience of O&G in their own country can apply for ST1 posts and undergo the same assessments and training as UK-trained doctors. Find out more about applying for UK training posts in O&G.

Download the O&G careers prospectus

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