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ASM in Safe Practice in Abortion Care

The Advanced Skills Module (ASM) in Safe Practice in Abortion Care is designed to ensure that on completing this training the doctor is able to competently manage all aspects of care for women who opt for termination of pregnancy.

It is expected that a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with an interest in abortion care will be able to provide a comprehensive service encompassing the care of women who are considering, and those who then elect, to terminate the pregnancy.

This ASM covers medical and surgical methods of termination up to 23+6 weeks’ gestation.

The surgical skills, however, may be undertaken to one of three thresholds: 13+6 weeks, 18+6 weeks or 23+6 weeks.

It follows that some of the surgical skills listed will not be required for the earlier gestations.

For further guidance on the ASM curriculum, please read the Curriculum Guidance for Safe Practice in Abortion Care (PDF).

Who can undertake the ASM in Safe Practice in Abortion Care?

The ASM can be undertaken by NTN holders (ST6 and above) in advanced training, non-training grades and post-CCT holders.

To register for the ASM, you need to apply prospectively to the RCOG.

Previous experience can contribute to the development of competence; however, the assessment of competence should only be performed following registration.

Where can I undertake the ASM in Safe Practice in Abortion Care?

You need to contact your deanery ATSM Director to confirm that training in the ASM in Safe Practice in Abortion Care is available either in NHS units or in the Independent Sector for the three thresholds of the ASM.

There are currently six NHS units who can deliver the ASM to the threshold of 23+6 weeks. These are in the Health Education England regions below and we advise you to contact the ATSM Director or Head of School for this region to find out about availability of training:

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