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ASMs: Advanced Skills Modules

The Advanced Skills Modules (ASMs) are concise modules which concentrate on a specific area of clinical practice.

Advanced Training 2019 Final GMC Approved

This is the Definitive Document for the Advanced Training Curricula, which contains full details of all the Advanced Training Skills Modules, Advanced Skills Modules and Advanced Professional Modules. Please use this document as a reference point.

Guidance documents to support the new Advanced Training Curriculum are embedded in the ePortfolio, and are also available on RCOG eLearning.

Please see the Matrix of progression page for the training matrix of educational progression.

The Clinical Research APM is available on page 176 of the Advanced Training Definitive Document.

It is envisaged that other generic professional modules will be developed in the future.

How to register for an ASM

To register for an ASM, you need to apply prospectively to the RCOG.

Before applying

  • If you’re an NTN holder, you should discuss your ASM plans at your ARCP at the end of year 4. Please note that the ASM will not count as an ATSM towards CCT.
  • If you’re in a non-training grade, you should discuss your ASM plans at your annual appraisal
  • All doctors need to consult with their deanery ATSM Director to confirm that training in the requested ASM is available
  • Eligibility criteria for ASM registration are identical to ATSM regulations

Application process

Currently the only ASM currently open for registration is Safe Practice in Abortion Care. Complete the Safe Practice in Abortion Care ASM Registration Form.

This includes obtaining signatures from the people involved in the specific ASM module:

  •  ASM Educational Supervisor(s) in charge of that ASM, these are likely the same individuals as the ATSM Educational Supervisors to date
  •  ASM Preceptor(s) with responsibility for that module, these are likely the same individuals as the ATSM Preceptors
  •  Deanery Director of ATSMs
  • Clinical Director if you are a non-NTN holder

Send the completed registration form with all required signatures either as hard or an electronic copy to the Trainees' Coordinator at the RCOG:

How to pay the registration fee

The ASM registration fee is £154.

On receipt or your completed form the registration fee will be added to your RCOG account for payment online.

How completion of an ASM is signed off

An ASM is complete once all of the components have been completed to the satisfaction of your ASM Preceptor and ASM Educational Supervisor.

  • Once you’ve completed an ASM, you’ll need to complete the ASM notification of completion of training form.
    (Note – this is the same form as for ATSMs and again all references to ATSMs have been replaced with ASM)
  • You’ll need to sign the form, and also obtain signatures from:
    • your ASM Educational Supervisor(s)
    • your ASM Preceptor(s)
    • your deanery ATSM Director
  • Send the completed form to the Trainees’ Coordinator at the RCOG

ASM in Safe Practice in Abortion Care

This ASM replaces the Abortion Care ATSM.

The Safe Practice in Abortion Care ASM is available on page 167 in Advanced Training Definitive Document PDF above.

will prepare you to provide abortion care based upon best practice and covers medical and surgical methods of termination up to 23+6 weeks’ gestation. The surgical skills, however, may be undertaken to one of three thresholds: 13+6 weeks, 18+6 weeks or 23+6 weeks.

  • The application process for the 13+6 and 18+6 weeks threshold follows the ATSM application process. The module can be undertaken by NTN holders, non-training grades and consultants.
  • For the 23+6 weeks gestation threshold, a national recruitment process will be introduced and further information will be available here once the process has been determined.

This ASM can be undertaken by NTN holders (ST6 and above) in advanced training, non-training grades and post-CCT holders.

For reference you can see the pre-August 2019 Safe Practice in Abortion Care ASM (Word document).

The ASM has no work intensity score.