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Core curriculum

This page provides full details of all of the modules of the core curriculum (the ‘single curriculum’, created in 2013 and updated in August 2016).

Updates to the RCOG core curriculum, August 2016

The GMC has approved revisions to the RCOG core curriculum, which took effect from August 2016. Find out more about the changes and how they affect you.


Core curriculum

The modules below form the single curriculum, introduced in 2013 and updated in August 2016.

All trainees (SpRs, STs and academic trainees) must transfer to the new curriculum from August 2016, with the following exceptions who will remain on the previous curriculum:

  • Those entering their final year of training (ST7) in August 2016
  • Those entering their final year of training (ST7) in October 2016
  • Subspecialty trainees

 Each link takes you to a page with the curriculum, logbook and useful resources for each module.

You can use the complete 2013 core curriculum and logbook (DOC, 1.58 mb) to record your achievement of core competencies.

Previous versions of the curriculum

If you’re on a previous version of the curriculum, please visit the relevant section of the site:

Sign-off of competencies

For information about how competencies are signed off, please read:

Assessment forms

Most assessment forms, including OSATS, mini-CEX and CbD, are available via the Training ePortfolio.

Where a specific OSATS form is not available, please use the generic OSATS template (Word document, 169 kb). You’ll need to agree the skills list with your supervisor.


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